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About Us

The idea originated one sleepless night while I was surfing the web looking for ways to make a few extra bucks using the internet. After hours of finding nothing but sites that wanted me to pay them money to prove that I was serious about making money. (Like who isn't serious about wanting a few extra bucks?) Well I decided what if there was a site that had nothing but links to legit ways to earn some "Pocket Change". So that is the logic behind this site.

Table of Contents

  1. My policy on signing up under someone for a referral program.
  2. Can you really make money from the links on this site?
  3. Has the website been worth it?
  4. What's the catch?
  5. What do you get out of this website?
  6. Which links are the best?
  7. Why don't you have links to cheats and auto mice?
  8. Why are your reviews so short?

My policy on signing up under someone for a referral program.

My policy on signing up under someone for a referral program is this: I will sign up for a new program I do not know of, if the person uses my feedback form and is the first to tell me about the program using the feedback form. I will not sign up under someone unless they use my feedback form. This is to cut down on the number of spam emails I get and to also benefit my "actual" visitors and not someone that scans my email address from some search engine. Also note that I some times will already be signed up for a program and haven't yet updated my site to reflect that. I assure you that if you are the first to use my feedback form to tell me about a new program I will sign up using your referrer information.

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Can you really make money from the links on this site?

I have and know personally a other people that have made at least some money just from the companies that we link to from this site. That isn't including the points that I've earned which can be used towards merchandise or the other incentives I've received from some of the companies.

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Has the website been worth it?

Yes, over all deciding to make this website has been rewarding just from the emails I receive from people telling me that they have made money because they just happen to come upon my site in this vast and ever growing cyberspace we call the internet.

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What's the catch?

There is no catch. You visit the companies I have links to and decide for yourself if that company is worth signing up with or not. If you feel that it don't fit with your style, you can choose not to sign up. None of the links on this site charge anything. It is ultimately your choice to sign up with a program I have listed.

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What do you get out of this website?

Yes, I do have a sponsors for this website. I choose my current sponsors because everything they advertise has something free that you can get whether it is a free download or a free trial. I do not make much money as a result of this site having a sponsor, so don't think I'm getting rich off of you clicking on a sponsors link. Almost all the money I do make gets reinvested into improving Also the few small checks I do receive from my sponsors are very motivational in continuing to update my site, <grin>.

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Which links are the best?

There are no links that are better then any others.  What may be my best links may not be yours.  I have put which ones have paid me but that doesn't mean that the others don't pay it just means I haven't met their requirements. I recommend you check out all our links and decide for yourself which ones seem right for you. I have however "Highly Recommended" some of the sites.

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Why don't you have links to cheats and auto mice?

I am strongly against the use of any type of cheat system. It is people that use cheats that will be the downfall of these revolutionary new programs. I don't understand why someone would want to bite the hand that feeds them. It is not worth the chance of losing your account if you are caught using a cheat.

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Why are your reviews so short?

In order to save room and time is the honest answer. But I also just give brief overviews of the programs because it is ultimately your review of the program that counts.

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