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Website Log

Here you will find out about updates to the site. I will also put my comments about new programs/items that I find. I will also sometimes write about the current status of freebies and free money on the internet. I'll also write about my future update plans. If you have any comments about the site, a program, freebie or anything related please drop me a line using my  Feedback form. I may post your comments, anonymously, unless you ask otherwise.

11/02/02 1:02pm
I have added all the user comments to the mystery shopping page and others. I have also added a few new programs to the $$ for Surfing the Web page and the $$ reading Email page. I also performed general clean up on the site.

08/18/02 9:40pm
I have again verified every link on my site and fixed or removed the bad ones. I have also added a few new programs to the site. As always if you have any suggestions on how to make my site better, feel free to tell me.

05/27/02 11:35am
Happy Memorial Day. I have verified every link on my site and fixed or removed the bad ones. I left a few that might be bad, but I want to check those sites at a later date just to ensure their servers weren't down while I checked them.

04/20/02 6:31pm
I will no longer be sending a email newsletter. It has been several months since I have sent one anyway. For those of you that have signed up to receive my email newsletter, no need to worry about your emails being sold or given away, I have already destroyed the list. I have also done several small edits to other pages as well. I would like to say again that this site does not hire mystery shoppers or administer surveys. I simply conveniently list all the companies that do provide these services.

03/24/02 5:09pm
I have removed the red dates at the end of some of my comments. These dates represented the date I added the company. Unfortunately it confused a lot of my visitors, because they thought it was the last time I checked the status of these companies. I have big plans for future enhancements to the website, so check back often to see the new improvements. As always your feedback is very important to the direction I take my site.

01/26/01 10:30am
I have updated the $$ for reading email page. I have also added numerous visitor comments about various mystery shopping companies on the mystery shopping page. I have also fixed some navigational issues I noticed.

09/30/01 1:04am
I have removed the get paid to surf pages have had a face lift, I got rid of the icons and tables, they now load much faster. 

09/28/01 10:33pm
I have added 10 new mystery shopping companies to the mystery shopping page. I have also removed several programs that have ended from the $$ for reading email page. I have also removed the the graphics from that page also. That was my slowest page and I had to do something to speed it up. I will be slowly removing the graphical summaries from most if not all of my pages. I have had several complaints that my pages are running slow. I want my site to reach the masses and that includes those that are on slower connections. Thanks for visiting.

09/25/01 9:30pm
I have added several new links through out my site. So why not visit every page and see what is new. I'm debating on whether to get rid of the graphical/tabled style and go back to the simple link with a short description style. Let me know what you think. 

09/23/01 1:12am
I have added quite a few visitor comments to the mystery shopping page. I had some difficulties updating my site and lost some navigation items in the mix, so if something isn't working correctly let me know. I have updated a few pages with some minor additions or subtracts. I finally saw the Woman's Day article my site was referenced in. I can say that it has cause a great increase in traffic to my site. So much in fact I went over my allowed transfer rates that my free hosting company provides and I am now being charged for it. I would like to thank all my visitors that send me updates on companies that are no longer actively looking for members or when they go belly up. It helps me out a lot with maintaining this site. This site is here for you, so if you see something that isn't right let me know. Or if you want to see something added let me know that as well.

09/15/01 1:12pm
My site was apparently mentioned in an Woman's Day magazine article. I have not seen the article yet. I have added a link on the front page directing readers of that magazine to visit that page first. I have also made minor additions to many other pages. 

09/08/01 12:01pm
Every page listed under the free stuff category has, had the bad links removed. Some pages are almost empty. It can be a little disheartening to say the least to watch pages that once had 30 links dry up to next to none. But, there are still plenty of freebies to be had on the internet.