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Get $ for Surfing the Web

If you want to get paid for surfing the Internet then you're at the right place. They're are tons of companies willing to do just that. Some require an ad bar to be downloaded, others you'll have to visit a specific website. We list them all so you can decide for yourself which is best suited for you.  If you know of any paid to surf programs I do not have listed on any of these pages please use my Feedback form to let me know about them, otherwise I will not use you as a referral. Want more information about getting paid to surf?  Click here to find out more.

Paid to Surf companies are broken into the four separate webpages listed below:

Click here for A thru C Companies

Click here for D thru J Companies

Click here for K thru Q Companies

Click here for R thru Z Companies

A few of the best performers in this category are listed below:

Prima Rewards- Earn points and then redeem for free stuff.

Blink- Very good rewards program.

Opt-in-Pays- They pay you .03 cents per site you visit on their site, they also pay for emails. Combine a bunch of your rewards/incentives into one account. Helps you reach larger goals much faster.

Nesteggz- You get saving off your groceries and a incentive account for using their coupons, which earns interest on top of it all.

GiantRewards- Get $5 just to sign up. Points can be redeemed for cash. Pocket-Change Recommended!

Mypoints- Earn points for visiting web sites, taking surveys and more. Points can be used for travel, entertainment, merchandise and much more. Pocket-Change Recommended!