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Get $ for reading Email

Here are several companies that will pay you to read email they send you and some even pay for the email you send. Check them out, a few cents here and there add up.

Get Paid Watch- They pay for emails.

Opt-in-Pays- They pay for emails, also pay you .03 cents per site you visit on their site.

Blink- Earn reward points for emails.

BonusMail aka My Points- They send you email, then give you rewards credits for free stuff like gift certificates, frequent flyer miles, CDs, books and much more.

SendMoreInfo- Very good paid for reading email program. One of the very Recommended!

Inboxdollars- They pay $.05 for each email you receive from them. They also pay for your referrals.

Read Click-Very professional looking paid to read email program. They also pay for your referrals.

YoYomail- They will pay you .05 cents for every email you receive from them. They also pay for your referrals receiving emails.

Spedia- You earn 5-10 ad points for reading email they send you. You then turn the ad points into money. You also get ad points for your referral.

Emailthatcounts- You get points for every email you receive, points are then use to bid in auctions. They also reward for referrals. 

Hauser List Services, Inc- Get paid for receiving and tracking mail (not email). They also have secret shopper opportunities.

Inboxcash- Get $10 just for signing up to get paid to receive email.