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How to get paid for your Opinions?

Do you enjoy playing along with the television game show Family Feud? Do you always take the time to answer those telephone surveys? Are you thrilled when AC Nielson company selects you to take part in their television viewing surveys? Are you especially thrilled when you receive a prize for your participation? Then you'll love getting $$ for your opinions.

What is getting paid for your opinions?|
Companies hire market research companies to get the opinions of customers about various things such as new products, services and much more. They do this through surveys and focus groups.

What are Focus Groups?
A focus group consists of 8-12 carefully selected participants with whom a professional researcher (or moderator) conducts a guided conversation. The moderator runs this conversation off a discussion guide, a road map of questions and issues for the group that has been carefully worked out beforehand between the moderator and the client team. A typical group will run for about an hour, although different lengths are sometimes more appropriate.

When will I be contacted to do a survey or focus group?
You will not necessarily be contacted for each and every project (it often depends on age, gender, geographical area, and other study requirements).

If you qualify, then you will receive a "screener". Which helps determine whether or not you fit the exact requirements for a project. Bear in mind that, in order to avoid biasing research, you cannot know in advance exactly what our client is looking for; therefore, honesty is the best policy. If you meet the requirements, then you are invited to participate in the project and provided with detailed instructions.

How am I notified about new surveys?
Typically companies will email you when surveys are available.

How am I paid for my participation?
The incentives vary by company, project, time and many other variables. You are generally paid cash, prizes, products and often times entered in contests to win various things. Check with each company to see what their payment practices are.

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